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Microsoft Power Platform Developer Training 

Learn Virtually Anywhere. Get Started Power Platform Development Online Training Now! 


About Program 

Melt Technology offers immersive PowerApps Training Online. You’ll explore all the critical essentials of PowerApps necessary for a strong foundation that will help prepare you to take on challenging PowerApps problems. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refresh your knowledge, this PowerApps course of an engaging opportunity to explore fundamentals through hands-on activities. You’ll master the concepts about PowerApps data connections and user interfaces, and then break them down to different ways of building an app in PowerApps and understand how these concepts are applied in the real world.

What skills will you learn in this PowerApps Online Training?

In this online PowerApps training, you’ll:

  • Explore how PowerApps makes businesses more efficient

  • Get familiar with the concepts of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

  • Understand how to work with different technologies to perform various tasks in PowerApps

  • Describe the components of PowerApps

  • Explore different ways to build an in PowerApps

Who should opt for this PowerApps Course?

Anyone interested in building a career in PowerApps can enroll in this course. The course is perfect for Power users, administrators, and business analysts who want to enhance their skills in developing apps in PowerApps.

What are the prerequisites for taking up this PowerApps Training?

There are no extensive prerequisites for enrolling in this PowerApps Training by Melt Technology.

Why should you learn this PowerApps Course?

According to a study by Gartner, PowerApps ranked as a leader for low code development platforms. Currently, Microsoft PowerApps is one of the highest adopted solutions from medium to large-sized companies. Also, ZipRecruiter, a popular job searching portal, shows that job postings that require PowerApps skills offer impressive median salaries of around $98k-$145k per annual in the US.

Why should you learn this PowerApps Course?

If you enroll in this PowerApps course through Melt Technology, you can grab a job at several different positions, such as:

  • Microsoft PowerApps Application Developer

  • Microsoft PowerApps Tester

  • PowerApps Architect

  • PowerApps Consultant

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